Off the Mat
  1. Food
    I love to cook! Yoga has helped me to make healthier choices to make dishes that nurture and balance my body and to learn about food in the context of an Ayurvedic perspective (the sister science to yoga -- think Psychology 101). My Blog has a healthy serving of food chat!
  2. Out in the World
    Out in the World
    I love being out in the world. I like to walk, garden, swim, see good films, read good books, listen to music and feed all my senses with beauty and inspriration My Blog highlights my sources of Joy!
  3. Making
    I love the term "maker". It covers the hands on creative endeavors that bring me pleasure. I like to sew, making clothes, an occasional quilt and following the world of makers. Anything hands on captures my attention! I can't help myslef from picking up found objects, sea glass, rock and driftwood to work into art projects. My Blog pays tribute to making!
  1. Private
    1:1 instruction
  2. Semi -Private
    Small groups
  3. Studio Classes
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40 Years Of Experience

I have been on my yoga journey for my entire adult life.  Like any journey, it has never been a straight path for me.  But all the stops along the way, all of the choices along the way, have landed me where I am now.

Yoga has transformed me physically, mentally and emotionally.  I believe it can do the same for you.  I will use all my skills and knowledge to support you in your journey.

Everyday is a gift.  Make it count.  Give yourself the gift of meeting yourself with joy, self love, compassion and gratitude.

I am here to support you.