Dd Swan
Yoga for Everyone

About me

Dd is here to be your yoga guide.  

For over 40 years, Dd has been a yoga practioner and teacher.  She works with individuals and groups drawing on the full body of knowledge gained through yoga , life and professional experience.

She  has studied different yoga styles, with many teachers. In 2015, she completed the reknowned  Kripalu 200 hour yoga teacher training, adding a 150 hour Yin Yoga  teacher training in Canada in 2016.   Studying with Desiree Rumbaugh, Dd has completed  “Wisdom Warriors”  teacher training with a focus on safe, strong and empowering  asana practice for women over 50. Dd loves learning about anatomy and applying it to  yoga to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Dd believes yoga is for every body. Yoga can be practiced anywhere -- in a bed,  a chair, or on a mat.   Dd works with you where you are.

Yoga is an ever unfolding journey toward health and well being!  It's a journey of discovery, self acceptance and celebration of life on our beauitful planet.
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A little more about me . . .

Dd practices yoga on and off the mat.  This includes a daily yoga and meditation practice, and an expanding inclusion of ayervedic thinking and practices.  Off the mat, Dd  mindfully nurtures her passions: making beautiful, healthy food, clothes for herself and her family, tending an urban garden oasis, writing an occasional poem, painting and sharing time with family , especially  outside and near the water. 

Dd has had a long career in the nonprofit human services sector.  Professional experience includes child and family advocacy, program management in behavioral health, and a minority health consultant, nonprofit coach and grant writer. A highlight in her careet was a year spent opening every meeting she facilitated (28 a month) with a moment of silence and focused breathing.  

Client Testimonial
"I always feel stronger and more prepared for whatever the day might bring after a class with you!"  DW
Step into a relationship with yoga --  
a life changing experience.
Yoga is a practice.
It strengthens the body and calms the mind.

Dd is here for you!